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Honeycam only!
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How to insert alpha channel images on animated GIF/WebP/MP4

Using Honeycam, it is so easy to make a GIF/Video collage, which is made of lots of GIFs/videos. Please download the latest version if you cannot find the Collage menu button in the Edit Tab. (This feature is added to Honeycam v4.03 or higher.)

1. Firstly, drag one of them into Honeycam and you'll see the Edit tab.

Just click the Insert button and the Insert tab will appear.

2. Copy an image you want from Chrome, Edge or MS Word.

3. Then paste to Honeycam by clicking the right button.

3. You might add shadow effects or animation effects as you want.

If you add animation effects, be sure to play to see if the effects are applied properly.

4. Just click OK button when you're done.

5. Just click the Save button in the bottom right to save it into a GIF/video file.

Please download Honeycam free edition and try it yourself.

   Free Download Honeycam   

You can get more information at the Honeycam main page.