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Is there any free WebP converter you can use?

Is there any free WebP converter you can use?

Honeyview is recommended if you are using Windows; it is fast, powerful, and free of charge. The program can convert your WebP image to an image in other formats and vice versa, and convert a large number of images at the same time.

  Download Honeyview   

But Honeyview cannot convert an animated GIF image to an animated WebP image. (The WebP result will be a still image without animation.) For this conversion, you may use Honeycam.

   Free Download Honeycam   

Please visit the following link to learn about how to convert images with Honeycam.

Why should you use a WebP converter program instead of an online converter website?

You may feel bothersome to install a converter program before using it. Once the installation is done, however, starting the program is much faster than accessing an online converter website. Besides, you can be exposed to unnecessary and unwanted advertisements while using the website and your WebP conversion can take much longer if the website is crowded with many other users.

Especially if you have a large number of images to convert, it is strongly recommended to install and use a converter program instead of using a website.