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How to open ALZ and EGG files on Mac

ALZ and EGG formats are archive formats provided by ALZip from ESTsoft.

ALZ format

  • Deflate, Obfuscated Deflate, and variant Bzip2 compression algorithms
  • ZipCrypto encryption algorithm
  • Split archiving

EGG format

  • Deflate, Bzip2, LZMA, and AZO compression algorithms
  • AES128, AES256, LEA128, and LEA256 encryption algorithms
  • Solid compression and split archiving
  • Unicode (UTF-8) filename

Bandizip for macOS, to open ALZ and EGG files

ALZip is available only on Windows OS, and it is quite troublesome for macOS users to open ALZ and EGG files. Bandizip for macOS allows you to open ALZ and EGG files easily and supports their algorithms and features perfectly.

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